Foreign trade: Asia remains (by far) Gabon’s leading customer

Gabon's foreign trade is in good shape at the beginning of 2022 © ARR

During the first three months of the year 2022, Gabon’s exports to its largest customers increased by 113.7% to 1 276.5 billion CFA francs.

This evolution is driven by purchases from China (497.6 billion CFA francs), India (194.4 billion CFA francs), Spain (98.1 billion CFA francs) and South Korea (91.5 billion CFA francs), but also from Vietnam and Malaysia.

With 81.7% of the share, the Asian continent remains Gabon’s main customer, followed by Europe (16.8% of the share) and Africa (1.0% of the share).

Gabon’s main exports are crude oil, sawn and processed wood, as well as manganese.

In all these commodities, Gabon also benefited from the increase in prices following the crisis in Ukraine.