COP 27: Ali Bongo Ondimba to reiterate his call for more solidarity from Northern countries towards the South

Ali Bongo Ondimba at the COP 27 on 7 November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh © Facebook/ABO

After his remarkable speech on Monday 7 November at the opening session of COP 27, the Gabonese president has repeated his message on social networks.

«Every year, Gabon, which has a very low deforestation rate, absorbs more and more CO2 into the atmosphere. Gabon is probably the most carbon positive country in the world,» wrote Ali Bongo Ondimba on his Facebook page.

Therefore, «this contribution, like that of other developing countries, must be financially valued,» he added, noting that «it is in the interest, not of a few countries, but of our entire planet.»

«In the fight for the climate, we need more solidarity between the North and the South,» the Gabonese leader concluded.