Trade: Gabon, the most attractive country in CEMAC in 2022-2023

Wood is one of Gabon's key export products © ARR

According to the 2022-2023 ranking of the most attractive African countries for trade by Bloom Consulting, an authority in the field, Gabon is at the top of the list in the CEMAC zone.

Each year, the Spanish consulting firm Bloom Consulting combines economic performance, nation branding and online presence of countries on trade-related issues to assess their attractiveness.

In the CEMAC zone, it is Gabon which occupies the 1st place (13th continental place and 97th worldwide). It is followed by Cameroon (20th on the continent), Congo (29th), Chad (40th) and Equatorial Guinea (49th). The Central African Republic (53rd) closes the list.

« This ranking, like others, highlights the fact that Gabon is the most economically dynamic country in the CEMAC zone, » explains an economist working for a major international organisation.

It also highlights the gap between reality and the often caricatured picture painted by a large section of the opposition, which has the greatest difficulty in recognising the undeniable successes achieved in recent years by the country led by President Ali Bongo Ondimba.

On the continent, it is Nigeria that occupies the first place in the ranking.